What are your bed sheets made of?

Our sheets are made of a polyester microfiber.

Taylor Bed Sheet Collection Microfiber Sheet Sets adds touch of subtle luxury for your bedroom, the Taylor collection sheet sets are made from 100% microfiber fabric with an embossed stripe.  Modern luxury meets classic comfort in our beautiful set. The delicate elegance of an embossed pattern and the smooth surface of microfiber create a perfect blend of softness and sophistication.

Microfiber sheet sets are a great solid color coordinate. Made from 100% microfiber polyester, these sheets are wrinkle resistant and easy care.
Microfiber sheet sets provide a luxurious softness, resist wrinkling and are strong and durable Fitted sheet fits mattress 18″ deep. Embossed stripe in a brushed 100% microfiber polyester for easy care and Machine washable.

Of all the manufactured fibers, polyester is the most used.
The over-use of polyester 20 to 30 years ago caused a negative perception of the fiber.
However, as with other manufactured fibers, new developments in polyester have created a fresh attitude towards polyester.
Polyester offers a lower resistance to static and pilling than most other fabrics.

Benefits of polyester:

* Strong
* Machine washable – washes easily and dries quickly. Dry-cleanable
* Resistant to wrinkles, mildew, stretching, shrinkage, abrasions and most chemicals

Rather than a fiber onto itself, microfiber refers to an ultra-fine fiber
that can be woven or knit into a very high quality fabric construction.
Originally introduced as a polyester microfiber, today you can find nylon,
rayon and acrylic microfibers. One important characteristic of microfiber fabrics is that they can be woven so tightly that the fabric can’t
be penetrated by wind, rain or cold. Microfibers also have a wicking ability that allows perspiration to pass through the fabric.

Benefits of microfibers:

* Ultra fine – finer than the most delicate silk
* Luxurious – very soft, feels like silk or suede
* Washable, dry cleanable
* High strength and shrink-resistant
* Comfortable – offers insulation and breath-ability